Celia Lora shows her bunny with this sensual bikini

Celia Lora She has become one of the most famous models in Mexico due to her voluptuous curves that have made her the favorite of many.

And it is that the daughter of Alex Lorahas made a whole career from her body, modeling for different magazines and releasing her exclusive content on different platforms.

as we told you in American Post NewsCelia Lora recently demonstrated her charms in Acapulco, where she fell in love with many of her followers, but now Celia has done it again with a photograph that has left her fans breathless.

Celia Lora shows off her bunny in a bathing suit

Celia Lora has found a way to keep her millions of followers happy and active, and that is to constantly share content and this time she sought to captivate them by posting an image in which she appears modeling a beach suit with a bunny.

This new photograph was shared on its official social networks and immediately managed to attract the attention of the public, as Internet users immediately began to fill it with compliments.

The swimsuit is black and white with a bunny drawn on the back, for the photo the famous daughter of Alex Lora gathered her hair with her hands and looked directly at the camera with a more than flirtatious gesture ,.

In a few minutes, the snapshot managed to exceed 100 thousand likes, showing that it was a success and that it will surely not be the last time that Celia will pamper her fans.

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How much does Celia Lora’s Onlyfans cost?

Celia Lora puts her Onlyfans on discount

Celia Lora has become one of the highest paid women on the platform and the Mexican charges 25 dollars for a month of subscription, approximately 500 Mexican pesos to her Onlyfans account, although now the model is promoting her and Until September 25 you can subscribe for 3 dollars or 60 Mexican pesos for a month.

This shows that Celia wants to pamper her fans and in the process continue to be the best paid on the platform. Will she get it?

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