Céline Centino, the model who transformed her body and got huge curves after being bullied

Céline Centino did not always have such prominent curves: Her characteristic features are large buttocks and an extremely slim waist. The 28-year-old, originally from Switzerland, revealed in an interview with an English publication that she was bullied as a child because of her intimidating appearance.

“I decided very early on that I wanted to change my look. I was very unhappy with myself; when I looked in the mirror, I felt so ugly and wanted to cry. I felt trapped in my body.”

Céline Centino

Thanks to those unpleasant comments, from the age of 19, she began to alter her face, injecting fillers in her lips, cheeks, chin, and jaw.

She then went on to have three breast surgeries with XXL implants, but for the 2021 Christmas, she decided to give herself a Brazilian butt lift as a little present.

“I don’t buy luxury items during the year, but at Christmas and on my birthday, I buy something more expensive. This year, I bought a new butt.”

Céline Centino

The surgery cost $10,000, which Céline Centino raised on her OnlyFans profile. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. According to several online sources, she started with aesthetic procedures in 2013 and would’ve reached 43,000 EUR.

“At school, I was bullied every day. They told me stupid things like ‘you look like a boy’ or that my nose was big. I had no friends at school, and I didn’t want to go anymore,” she said.

Although it may be hard to believe, this is what Céline looked like before her surgeries.

Céline Centino: why she is single

Men are intimidated by her charm, and no one dares to approach her: Céline Centino cannot find a boyfriend even by accident. Guys approach her only when drunk, she told disconsolately, and none with serious intentions. Moreover, the rare times when someone takes courage and asks her out, the model does not feel comfortable because the guys are nervous and agitated.

The girl also stressed that she does not have an ideal man: “Personality attracts me more than physical appearance,” a phrase that reveals a lot about her past.

Being at peace with her body, however, comes at a price: after seven single years, Céline would like to share her life with someone else, but the search for true love is increasingly arduous.