César Bono reappears and shows how his recovery has been

Mexico.- A month after being hospitalized for health complications, the Mexican actor and comedian César Bono reappears on social networks during one of his physical rehabilitation sessions.

The actor was caught very concentrated in one of his therapies that will help you regain mobility in your legs. Since he left the hospital he has focused from home on the care he needs to get ahead.

It was a very delicate moment for the health of César Bono, who gives life to the emblematic Frankie Rivers, even shared that his doctor told him that his case was a miracle, since he had very little chance of overcoming the health problems he went through.

And now he reappears completely improved in rehab, still recovering little by little, taking one step at a time, but showing that he wants to get ahead and not get stuck.

It was thanks to a rehabilitation clinic that the video went around the internet after posting it on his TikTok profile. “César Bono really looking forward to therapy and life”, can be read in the description of the publication.

The images were accompanied by the song ‘Tranquilito’ by Gerardo Ortiz, who indicates that little by little he is improving and getting ahead. Immediately the comments were present, where the support was highlighted before such an emotional scene.

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