César Bono would have undergone emergency surgery

On AmericanPost.News we released all the details of the emergency hospitalization of Caesar Bonowho presented internal bleeding after an ulcer burst, according to his daughter, and when the first actor’s health seemed to improve, they apparently had to have an emergency operation.

Likewise, it was clarified that he will remain in the hospital for at least two days, but if the supposed emergency surgical intervention is real, the panorama could change, although it should be clarified that nothing has been confirmed so far.

“Thank you very much to all my friends in the media, colleagues and everyone who has been concerned. I am stable and in good health,” she said via Twitter.

For many, the comedian is a warrior, since he has overcome 9 heart attacks and COVID-19, which is why many people are very concerned about him.

César Bono suffered perforation of the small intestine

The actor is in very delicate health The actor and comedian has a great career

In a short video, the entertainment journalist, Gustavo Adolfo Infante, shared new information about the actor’s health on his YouTube channel, detailing that he suffered a perforation in the small intestine, for which he underwent emergency surgery.

“Last night César’s duodenum was perforated, they had to operate in an emergency and today’s report is that he is delicate.”

He affirmed that the comedian’s daughter, María Rosa Queijeiro, was the one who provided him with the information about his father’s intervention, and asked for a prayer for his speedy recovery.

“Yesterday, Friday, they said that it was nothing more than a stomach ulcer.”

Dear Frankie Rivers, is in poor health, so many hope that he will recover.

How old is Cesar Bono?

The actor and comedian has a great career

At 71 years of age, he has become one of the most important actors in Mexico, since for many years he has given life to Frankie Rivers, in the famous series ‘Neighbors’.

During one of his theater presentations, César Bono pays an emotional tribute to Octavio Ocaña, a young actor who tragically lost his life on the streets of the state of Mexico.

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