César Bono’s son exploded against those who spread the false news of the actor’s death

The actor also regretted that certain media spread the false news of his father’s death (Photo: Instagram)

After this Sunday March 13 the strong rumor of the death of César Bono began to spreadwho has been hospitalized for just over a week in the Spanish Hospital in Mexico City, the false news would soon be denied.

He was first the producer of Neighbors, Elías Solorio, who answered a brief, but forceful “False” before a tweet where the presumed death was mentioned, then it was the actor himself who used his Twitter account to give his followers peace of mind and let them know that his stay is for improvement:

“I’m fine, improving. Thank you all for his good comments and concern, ”wrote the actor who is going through a complicated health moment, although his life is not compromised.

Cesar Bono Patricia Castro
Patricia Castro separated in 2021 from César Bono, with whom she had two children and raised three others, from each one’s first marriages (Photo: Twitter)

In addition to the declaration of the actor himself, it has been his son, also the actor and singer Leonardo Bono who used his insta stories to exploit against those people and media that were responsible for spreading the rumor of the artist’s death.

“As you saw in my previous story, thank God my dad is doing better, making him want to, there have been improvements, but maybe I shouldn’t talk about it anymore, but right now I am very upset because one of my aunts just spoke to my mother crying because she was normal and they spoke to her to offer condolencesright now one of my best friends has just spoken to me crying too, ”the influencer also began in the first of four consecutive stories.

Bono claimed to know where the rumor had come from and condemned spreading false news, calling it “cruel”:

And I don’t know what these pages that invent this false news that affect people earnthat is, they are not inventing any mamad *, they are talking about the life of a person who has people who love and care about him and the worst of all is that he was born from a page called Memelandia and people began to believe him, “he added the influencer 27 years old.

Caesar Bono
Photo: Cuartoscuro (Cuartoscuro/)

Visibly angry, Leonardo wondered “what do they gain” who spread the rumor of the actor’s death Defending the caveman.

“She was one of the first to post the false news and others copied it, and what I am going with this is that I thank you for your concern, obviously those who saw it because they no longer think about the sources and so on, but who started it…

“here the problem is not who created it, the program is who started it, what win? what is that cruelty? I saw the news and I know it’s false and I’m calmbut my friends and the people who love my dad, why give them a hard time for a mamad* that what they earn, it’s a shame that these mamad*s invent, excuse me, but I wanted to vent.