Cessna 650 private airplane with three on board vanishes after takeoff from Veracruz

Authorities investigate as Cessna 650 vanishes post-departure from Veracruz, launching a maritime search for three unconfirmed passengers.

A private aircraft that took off from the International Airport of the City of Veracruz, “Heriberto Jara Corona,” bound for Toluca, State of Mexico, disappeared in the waters of the port of Veracruz. Preliminary reports indicate that the Cessna 650 aircraft with registration number XB-VFJ lost communication with authorities shortly after takeoff at 20:49 hours on Friday, July 28.

The waters of the Veracruz port area have become the scene of an intense search. On the night of Friday, July 28, a light aircraft took off from the Veracruz airport with three people on board, two pilots and a passenger, and minutes later, all contact with the aircraft was lost.

Federal sources confirmed the aircraft was a private service plane bound for Toluca in Edomex. The radar stopped registering it between the Grande River and the Middle River, in the northern area of Veracruz, just in front of the port area.

The event was reported by a group of workers that watch the accesses in the city’s north zone. Immediately, the aeronautical authorities were notified, and a search operation was deployed with the participation of elements of the Secretariat of the Navy-Mexican Navy. The priority is to find the aircraft’s wreckage and, if possible, rescue the occupants.

The aircraft, model Cessna 650 Citation VII, is a private aircraft commonly used for executive flights. According to flight tracking application records, it departed the Veracruz airport at 20:49 hours on Friday, July 28. However, communication with the control tower was lost only a few minutes later.

Authorities will continue with the search and rescue until their whereabouts are found and, unfortunately, confirm the situation of its occupants, of whom it was reported that one of the crew members was attending a political event. However, the identity of the people on board the aircraft has not yet been confirmed.