Ceviche and causa limeña: 10 exquisite Peruvian recipes to cook

Peruvian gastronomy is exquisite, with a lot of richness and diversity. Their dishes are the product of miscegenation and Spanish, African, Chinese, Japanese and Italian influence. Some of the most popular typical Peruvian dishes are ceviche, lomo saltado and causa limeña.

1. Ceviche

Ceviche is possibly the most popular Peruvian food in the world. A fresh dish that combines fresh fish and shellfish marinated in lemon juice.

2. Loin jumped

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Lomo saltado is a typical Peruvian dish that fuses Peruvian cuisine with Chinese cuisine. It consists of pieces of meat that are sautéed in a wok. Includes ingredients such as vinegar, soy sauce, yellow pepper, onion and tomato.

3. Lima cause

Peruvian stuffed cause
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The famous Lima cause is made with yellow potatoes, known in some places as Andean potato with a touch of lemon juice and yellow pepper. The filling is usually tuna or chicken.

4. Chaufa seafood rice

peruvian chaufa
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Chaufa seafood rice is very popular in Peru, which began to be cooked with the arrival of Chinese migrants to the country.

5. Peruvian Tacu Tacu

Tacu tacu
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Peruvian tacu tacu is a dish that consists of made with cooked rice, beans and yellow chili sauce. This preparation would have been created by black slaves, who took advantage of the leftover food.

6. Chicken Cau Cau

Cau Cau
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Cau Cau is a traditional Peruvian dish that is usually eaten with tripe. There are also other variants with chicken and seafood. Chicken Cau Cau is a stew in which the bird is chopped into small cubes, includes potato, carrot and yellow pepper.

7. Peruvian stretcher

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The parihuela is a traditional soup of Peruvian cuisine. It is a concentrate of fish and a variety of shellfishwhich makes a tasty and nutritious dish.

8. Peruvian salted noodles

Stir-fried noodles have an influence from Chinese cuisine. They include soy sauce, as well as typical ingredients from Peru. They are a very easy recipe to prepare at home, they can include chicken, meat or seafood.

9. Peruvian Carapulcra

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Carapulcra is a pork stew with plenty of sauce. It includes common ingredients of Peruvian cuisine, such as parboiled potatoes or dried potatoes and also panca peppers.

10. Peruvian macho fish

male fish
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The Peruvian macho fish is prepared with fish fillets and a sauce based on tomato, hot pepper and different varieties of seafood.

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