Chabelo, Ignacio López Tarso and the oldest celebrities in Mexico

Every time a famous person dies immediately, social networks place the name of Chabelo in search trends. However, Internet users would be surprised to learn that the Mexican comedian is not the oldest actor in Mexico. Some are active in film, theater, or television and exceed the age of the children’s friends.

Behind the death of Queen Elizabeth II, the conversation was opened on social networks, and Internet users placed the names of the famous Mexicans who joined the contest with the comedian.

In such a way, in American Post News, we tell you all about the moment in which Chabelo overshadowed the death of Queen Elizabeth II and the celebrities he must defeat to proclaim himself the true champion.

How old is Chabelo?

How old is Chabelo?

Before going into detail, you have to know how old the friend of all children is. Born on February 17, 1935, in the city of Chicago, Illinois, in the United States, Xavier Lopez Rodriguez is an 87 years old Mexican actor.

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Celebrities of the oldest Mexican show business

Celebrities of the oldest Mexican show business

Once we have discovered Chabelo’s true age, these are the longest-lived celebrities of Mexican entertainment and are also a trend every time someone dies, and social networks claim them.

Ignacio López

Ignacio Lopez Tarso: Known for his participation in film, theater, and television, this actor who, even though his 97 years are still stellar, has stated that he would rather die on stage than spend his final days in a hospital bed.

Maria Victoria

Maria Victoria: During her youth, she was the owner of one of the most enviable waists of Mexican cinema. However, the 95-years-old from Jalisco has somewhat withdrawn from the artistic environment, although she was seen singing “Las mañanitas” to the Virgin of Guadalupe in a not-so-distant past.

Silvia Pinal Carlos Villagran

Silvia Pinal: Already with his tribute made while alive at the Palace of Fine Arts to her 90 years, the latest diva of Mexican cinema has recently presented health problems, so much so that she has had to be hospitalized and under constant care.

Carlos Villagran

Carlos Villagran: He recently revived on social networks for a video in which he dances strangely; however, the interpreter of Kiko has 78 years at present, and although it is somewhat less than Chabelo’s, the social networks also position him as a worthy rival.