Chabelo Movies and TV Shows

Xavier López Rodríguez, better known as "Chabelo", has been in the entertainment industry since 1952.

Throughout his life, Xavier López “Chabelo” has participated in countless television and film programs that have catapulted him to be the renowned person he is today as he appears in more than 30 films, 4 soap operas, and approximately 10 programs. Do you know what these are? We will refresh your memory.

Some of the programs in which he participated are:

  • En familia con Chabelo (1968-2015)
  • La criada bien criada (1970)
  • El show del “Loco” Valdés (1971)
  • El show de Alejandro Suárez (1972)
  • Detective de hotel (1973-1974)
  • La carabina de Ambrosio (1978)

Some of Chabelo’s films are:

  • Viaje a la Luna (1958)
  • Chistelandia (1958)
  • Nueva Chistelandia (1958)
  • Vuelve Chistelandia (1958)
  • El extra (1962)
  • Buenas noche año nuevo (1964)
  • Los reyes del volante (1964)
  • Escuela para solteras (1965)
  • Los dos rivales (1966)
  • Autopsia de un fantasma (1968)
  • La princesa hippie (1968)
  • El aviso inoportuno (1968)
  • Bang bang al hoyo (1970)
  • Pepito y la lámpara maravillosa (1971)
  • Chabelo y Pepito contra los monstruos (1973)
  • Chabelo y Pepito detectives (1973)

And the soap operas in which he had the opportunity to participate were:

  • Cuento de Navidad (1999)
  • Carita de ángel (2000)
  • Navidad sin fin (2001)
  • Amarte es mi pecado (2004)

What was Chabelo’s first film?

Screnshot from Chabelo's first movie, Viaje A La Luna
What was Chabelo’s first film?

Have you ever wondered which film marked Chabelo’s debut in the cinematic universe? American Post News informs you that “Viaje A La Luna” is the famous film where everyone could see Xavier López Rodríguez. This feature film was released in 1958 and was directed by Fernando Cortés.

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How many years of artistic career does Chabelo have?

How many years of artistic career does Chabelo have?

The last time we edited this article, in June 2022, Xavier López Rodríguez had an artistic career spanning 70 years, which includes television programs, films, awards and Chabelo, the iconic character that endeared him to all of Mexico and earned him Guinness World Records for playing him for 57 years.

Unfortunately, on March 25, 2023, Chabello passed away at 88.

How much did En Familia end with Chabelo?

The first transmission of the children’s and family program, “En Familia con Chabelo,” took place in 1968 and ended in 2015, in which the generations that watched it could see and enjoy the adrenaline of the participants when they went to the catafixias.