Chabelo reappeared on networks with an emotional video that went viral

Again the name of chabelo has caused quite a stir on social media and on AmericanPost.News We share the video that has gone viral, since the driver reappeared after some time of absence; The clip shows what “every child’s friend” looks like.

And it is that, we remember that it was announced a couple of months ago that the actor of 87 years old overcame cancer, but lately a video that was shared on the Twitter profile of “Coke” Munizwho dedicated an emotional message to the iconic actor.

We remember that the actor has had a successful career on television and on the big screen, because during his youth he participated in several Mexican films with the character of “Pepito”, but without a doubt the television program made children and adults happy.

Video of Chabelo went viral on social networks

In the video you can see the actor who shared a birthday message with the character’s voice and said: “I know it was your birthday, I want to congratulate you, although I know it’s a little late, but I do it with all my heart anyway , I wish you the best of the best today and always, I love you very much Coque”.

It is worth mentioning that the video was made a couple of years ago, as Coque confessed in the clip, but despite this, the clip captivated users, because in the entertainment news we have let you know that the famous decided get away from the middle.

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What happened to Chabelo?

The actor walked away from the middle of the show

Last May they announced that Chabelo had already recovered from cancer, as he announced in his last publication that he shared via Twitter on the 31st of that month. Since then he has not made any publication on social networks.

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