Chabelo’s net worth and potential heirs

"Chabelo" was not only a naughty boy, he was also hardworking and enterprising and amassed an important fortune; the actor and comedian had three children, among whom his inheritance will surely be distributed.

Xavier Lopez, the actor and comedian known as “Chabelo” died on March 25 from abdominal complications. The famous child was well known for his pranks, but he was also enterprising and hardworking, which helped him to live well and generate a significant fortune.

Chabelo was born on February 17, 1935, and studied medicine, but he was interested in the artistic medium and entered the television industry, starting as a production assistant.

How much money did “Chabelo” make?

“Chabelo” was not satisfied with being a production assistant. He ventured into acting and for many years hosted the program “En Familia con Chabelo,” which was broadcast every Sunday morning.

According to several Mexican media outlets, thanks to his dedication and a trajectory of six decades of work, “Chabelo” achieved an important fortune estimated at more than $10 million dollars.

Xavier López was business savvy and took advantage of his relationship with Televisa to reach certain agreements that allowed him to market advertising on his own account on the program and make more profit from his “Chabelo” character.

His Sunday program was on the air for 48 years, and in it, he commercialized his image in toys and gifts and had important advertising sponsorships such as Muebles Troncoso, which lasted for many years.

It is said that “Chabelo” was very demanding with the people who worked in his program; even Eugenio Derbez says that Xavier López fired him because he demanded that everyone loved the project as much as he did. Derbez was once unable to attend the taping of a program due to other commitments. Chabelo suggested that he dedicate himself to his own projects because he needed people who were 100% committed.

It is also said that the actor and comedian liked to invest in real estate, so he acquired several properties in Mexico and Miami.

Xavier Lopez was married to Teresa Miranda, and they conceived three children: Oscar, Javier, and Juan Gabriel. Although, at the moment, it has not been made public who and in what percentage his fortune will be distributed, it is assured that his direct family will benefit from the fruits of the work of the television star.

His children have kept a discreet profile. Javier is a producer, Juan Gabriel has dedicated himself to the fashion world, while Oscar leads a life away from the media.