Champions League final would change venue due to Russia-Ukraine conflict

The conflict that exists between Russia and Ukraine could force the UEFA to move the Final of the Champions Leagueas reported in England, where it would be the new venue for the duel for the title of the highest European competition.

The new venue for the Grand Final to be played at the end of May would be the wembley stadiumas reported by the Daily Star, and not in St. Petersburgas planned, dated May 28 at the Gazprom-Arena.

According to the publication, UEFA officials would have no choice but to relocate if the president of Russia, Vladimir Putingoes ahead with its threats to invade Ukraine.

UEFA analyzes a change of venue

“UEFA is constantly monitoring the situation,” the Champions League organizer said in a statement. “Any decision will be made when it is due if necessary.”

Wembley will be considered an alternative if the conflict between Russia and Ukraine progresses, especially if two English clubs reach the Final, which would leave a spill of 60 million pounds in London.

Al Jazeera recently released videos showing invading Russian forces crossing the border into Donetsk Territory, one of two breakaway regions in eastern Ukraine.

The Champions League would leave Russia

Champions League final would change venue due to Russia-Ukraine conflict

The British government led calls on Tuesday to move the Champions League final out of Russia as punishment for its intervention in Ukraine, prompting UEFA to consider a change of venue.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson highlighted concerns about the Final being held in St. Petersburg on May 28, while urging Russian President Vladimir Putin not to launch a full invasion of Ukraine.

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