Changes in Univision due to the merger with Televisa: Jessica Rodríguez, who was president of entertainment, leaves

Changes in Univision, Sale Jessica Rodríguez, who was president of entertainment, before merger with Televisa. This was announced internally and confirmed by the chain itself.

Before completing the merger between Univision and Televisa in the United States for Streaming, this Tuesday it was announced that Jessica Rodríguez leaves, who a few months ago was relocated to a position that did not exist until now: Chief Brand and Impact Officer.

Rodríguez, of Puerto Rican origin, She worked in the chain for 21 years in different positions, the last years she was focused on entertainment programming and especially in marketing, since his specialty is business administration.

Through an e-mail that they shared with a large part of the Univision employees, Wade Davis, current Chief Executive Officer and one of the chain’s owners, communicated that Jessica had decided that it was time to close the cycle with the chain and retire, which would stay until next February, where the transition of the Televisa-Univision merger would be completed.

Something that the chain itself confirmed us, when when we asked them they sent us the following letter:

Jessica Rodriguez, Chief Brand and Impact Officer of Univision, has decided to start a new chapter and will leave Univision next month. We are extremely grateful for your longstanding dedication and passion to this brand and our communities, for your influence and creativity., and for helping us develop such an innovative and talented group of people ”.

Although that’s the official version, There are those within the chain who doubt that it was a decision by Rodríguez, who on many occasions, with the different changes of heads and owners, it was thought that she would be left outHowever, he was still on the run.

Wade Davis new CEO of Univision. Photo: Univision

Why is his resignation unbelievable for some? Because in the internal announcement that was made of Rodríguez’s departure, the following was also said:

“To adjust to the changes generated by our transformation and put even more emphasis on marketing adapted to our business units, we are eliminating the corporate marketing position and reorganizing our area functions to incorporate a dedicated team to each of our divisions“.

When the new owners and management took control of Univision, Jessica Rodríguez changed her position to a promotion, from entertainment president to Chief Brand and Impact Office, that is, leading the marketing part that months later they announced that it will be eliminated.

What does the Chief Executive Officer of the company refer to with the marketing closure and the division by sessions? TO what will be the new map in the business part of the merger of the two chains with emphasis on the launch of more Streaming:

Roger Sole: will be the Chief Marketing Officer of the Streaming division, under the supervision of Pierluigi Gazzolo, as of January 17. Roger will lead the marketing team for the development, growth and creative approach of the future international streaming platform, which will include performance marketing, customer acquisition and retention, partner marketing integration, advertising, and other streaming marketing projects in all digital platforms.

Elisa Segovia: current SVP, Creative Strategy & Branding, Streaming, will now work for Roger Sole, and together they will organize the construction and development of the creative team for Streaming.

Simone Knight: SVP, AVOD marketing Strategy and Engagement Multiplatform media Strategy, will now report to Elisa Segovia and, will create and implement marketing campaigns for streaming.

-Jennifer Rogers: SVP, consumer and corporate marketing, will now report to Luis Silberwasser, President of Television Networks Group. In addition, it will continue to support other corporate functions in marketing and branding campaigns.

Erica Mesa: VP, Consumer Marketing & Media Strategy, will continue to be under his supervision.

José Morales: SVP, Consumer Engagement & Talent Strategies, will now also report to Luis Silberwasser.

-Teri Arvesu: SVP, Social Impact and Sustainability, will report to José Tomás, Chief Administrative Officer.

Will these be the only changes in the chain?… The answer is categorical: ‘NO’... In addition to the departure of Jessica Rodríguez, it was announced the incorporation of four executives which they called ‘keys to growth’.

In addition to Roger sole, whom we mentioned above, the following executives join the chain:

Vincenzo Gratteri: Senior Vice President of Development, Streaming, will lead the development and production of original content in Spanish.

Adam Waltuch: Senior Vice President of Streaming Partnerships, will lead the positioning and growth of the product through alliances marketing partners with Univision’s global streaming app distributors. He will work closely with content licensing and distribution teams to support future streaming alliances with MVPDs and vMVPDs in the United States and Latin America.

Rita Chertorivski: Senior Vice President of Business and Legal Affairs, Streaming, will be in charge of all the negotiation of alliances related to the development and production of original content for streaming. He will also oversee all permissions and collateral rights issues, and offer legal advice on streaming matters.

In this first quarter of the year, it is believed that the changes will continue, which will announce new entertainment products that will hit the market, incorporation of talent and diversification in other areas and shows and, As we see in the announcements, the entire bet of the chain is in the Streaming of this Televisa-Univision merger.


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