Changes in Univision ?: Chisme No Like exposes that León Krauze could be the replacement of Jorge Ramos

Chisme No Like has just dropped a bomb on Univision. As commented on their official Instagram account, León Krauze could be the replacement for Jorge Ramos in the famous Hispanic network. The program is not clear about it, it shares the information and asks the question, because that is how they see the waters move. At the moment, nothing is certain. Jorge Ramos is undoubtedly the most important man in Univision news, and he also has a very loyal audience, which supports his work by giving Univision a tune.

But this does not limit Gossip No Like, which talks about the changes that are apparently coming, and according to these, new waters are coming for Univision. Everything starts because León Krauze leaves @ univision34 from Los Angeles. This is how Gossip No Like has given the news. According to information shared on his social network, the news about his departure will be made official next week. Because this January 24, León will be in Miami, on the Univision News, nothing more and nothing less than with Patricia Janiot.

Gossip No Like affirms that this is how it comes to replace the place left by Enrique Acevedo, and that it also comes to Miami having all the backing of the new executives of the famous Hispanic television station. But the bomb doesn’t stop there, no sir. The program hosted by Javier Ceriani and Elisa Beristain points out that León Krauze becomes the figure of the future, with whom the company is counting on following the new direction of News.

But the decision that Krauze is possibly the replacement of Jorge Ramos is not something concrete, yet. Javier and Elisa’s program at the moment does not dare to take it for granted. But time will tell if Gossip No Like is right again or not. And it is that in the year 2021 they gave a lot of accurate information about, for example: El Gordo y la Flaca, Adamari López, Toni Costa and Ninel Conde, among many, many more. Which is why many raise their ears when Gossip No Like starts making noise.

The year 2022 is not looking good for Jorge Ramos. He started the year with COVID and although he is now free of this virus, rumors have been generated about a possible replacement for him at Univision. The haters of the news man are enjoying the bomb that Gossip No Like is talking about, although at the moment everything seems to indicate that this is a rumor, we must remember that old saying that says: “If the river sounds, it is because it brings stones.”

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