Chapman sends a message of solidarity to the people of Cuba

Despite seeing no action in the All-Star game, Cuban flamethrower Aroldis Chapman made himself felt Tuesday with a message on his cap that read “SOS Cuba” and Patria y Vida “, around the” NY “logo.

The message was in support of the protests in Cuba due to the lack of food and electricity on the island, which have increased deaths due to COVID-19.

Chapman’s message to the Cuban people

Aroldis chapman
The Cuban pitcher of the New York Yankees, Aroldis Chapman spoke about the situation in his country.

“[El Juego de Estrellas] It is an event [importante] for me, because everyone sees it, ”Chapman mentioned to José de Jesús Ortiz of “It is an event that the entire United States sees. Many countries see it. I am sending a clear message to everyone, so that they know what is happening in my country ”.

“My message is to keep fighting,” confessed Chapman. “We cannot stop and be fearful. We have to keep moving forward. Confront what is past and seek the freedom that every Cuban has dreamed of for so long ”.

His departure from Cuba wrapped in controversy

Aroldis chapmanYankees reliever Aroldis Chapman drew attention for his remarks.

Chapman had two attempts to leave the island, the first, in 2008, very controversial. Many Cuban baseball players who have defected refuse to share the details of their escapes because they fear their stories could put others in danger.

Their journeys are generally a struggle with danger and often involve individuals looking to make money out of athletes’ desperation to leave their homeland, a baseball-mad country with some two dozen players in the majors this year. despite the trade embargo imposed by the US for six decades.

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