Charitable queen! Karol G gives tickets to his concert to a young man who preferred to pay for his studies

Colombia.- The Colombian singer Carolina Giraldo Navarroartistically known as Carol Grecently offered a concert in Bogotá, Colombia, as part of his Bichota Tour, which has generated so much success, and showed his charitable side to his audienceWell, he gave a fan a couple of tickets so he could see it.

It turns out that the interpreter of hits like ‘Tusa’, ‘Bichota’, ‘Secret’, ‘Mamiii’ and many more, was presented in Bogotá, an event that many of his fans were able to attend, but some others could not, because they had to prioritize their expenses and let the date pass, waiting for another opportunity, such is the case of Sebastián.

Sebastián is a young student from Colombia who preferred to pay for his master’s studies at the Universidad Piloto de Colombia instead of buying a ticket to see his idol live, as he shared it through his Twitter profile.

The young man expressed: “I had to choose between a master’s degree at the @UPilotoOficial or going to the concert of #BICHOTATOUR #bichota #Bichotella and this was mom’s advice; I hope life gives me to fulfill my mother to go see @ karolg”. Also, he evidenced a conversation with his mother in which he was sad to miss the concert.

Surprisingly, Sebastián received a response from Karol G, without imagining the special gift he would give her. The Colombian made the young man’s night happy, because she told him that she would give him the concert tickets so that he and her mother, as well as a couple of friends, could see it completely live and for free.

“You chose super well !!! Everything has its time and its priority … ???? How about Karol G seeing your tweet, and I gave you tickets for you and your friends and also your mom ??? I don’t know … I’m here thinking ???? Check your DM to see,” Karol wrote to her fan.

Immediately, Karol G’s action turned the entire Internet upside downWell, he gave several tickets to his fan so that he could see her despite having prioritized his studies.

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