Charles Spencer calls for charges to be brought against the BBC over the interview of his sister, Princess Diana

The interview that shook the foundations of the British monarchy a quarter of a century ago continues to wreak havoc. Tiggy Legge-Bourke, The former nanny of Princes William and Harry who cared for the two children during their parents’ divorce, will receive “a substantial sum of money” for the damage caused to her reputation by the ‘Panorama’ program in which Princess Diana confirmed her husband’s infidelities by pronouncing the famous phrase: “In my marriage there were three of us.”

Last year, the chain commissioned an external investigation into the tactics used to obtain the exclusive with Lady Di. The final report stated that she was shown false documents, such as bank statements, which suggested that the royal family was paying close associates to spy on her and that a medical report was also falsified to make her believe that Tiggy, who she suspected of having an affair with Prince Charles, had undergone an abortion.

In parallel, Legge-Bourke decided to take legal action against the company for defamation. This Thursday morning she finally received a formal apology from the BBC in court, which was also extended to William, Harry and Charles, acknowledging that the accusations made against the woman were totally unfounded. The director of the chain has announced that no rerun of the conversation that Diana had with the journalist Martin Bashir will be broadcast in its entirety, although loose fragments will be used in the future.

However, an apology and financial compensation, the amount of which has not been made public, are not enough for Diana’s brother, who was involved at the time in the negotiations between the princess and Bashir. Charles, Earl Spencer, calls for charges to be brought against those involved in the production of the show: “While I am delighted to see that justice has been served for another of the innocent victims of this appalling scandal, I am surprised that no charges have yet been brought against those responsible.” The problem is that the police do not consider that there is evidence of any criminal offense after examining the conclusion of the external investigation carried out by a retired judge.

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