Charlie Watts, former drummer for the Rolling Stones, dies

  • Rolling Stones drummer Charlie Watts dies
  • They report that he died in a London hospital
  • Watts had announced that he would not travel with the Stones in 2021

Charlie Watts dies. Watts, the modest and unwavering drummer for the Rolling Stones who helped anchor one of rock’s best rhythm sections and used his “day job” to support his enduring love of jazz, has died, according to his publicist. He was 80 years old, according to the AP news agency and other portals such as La Vanguardia.

Bernard Doherty said Tuesday that Watts “passed away peacefully in a London hospital today, surrounded by his family.” “Charlie was a beloved husband, father and grandfather and also as a member of The Rolling Stones one of the best drummers of his generation,” said Doherty.


Charlie Watts dies
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Watts had announced that he would not travel with the Stones in 2021 due to an undefined health problem. The quiet and elegantly dressed Watts was often ranked with Keith Moon, Ginger Baker and a handful of others as a top-notch rock drummer, respected the world over for his muscular, swinging style as the band rose from his scruffy. beginnings to international stardom.

Charlie Watts joined the Rolling Stones in the early 1963s and remained for the next 60 years, ranking just behind Mick Jagger and Keith Richards as the most enduring and essential member of the group.

Charlie Watts Dies: BEGINNINGS

Rolling Stones
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The Stones started out, Watts said, “as white guys from England playing African-American music,” but quickly developed their own distinctive sound. Watts was a jazz drummer in his early years and never lost his affinity for the music he loved in the beginning, leading his own jazz band and taking on many other side projects.

A classic Stones song like “Brown Sugar” and “Start Me Up” often began with a hard Richards guitar riff, closely followed by Watts and Wyman, as the bassist liked to say, “fattening up the sound.”


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Watts ‘speed, power, and timing were never better than during the concert documentary, “Shine a Light,” when director Martin Scorsese filmed “Jumpin’ Jack Flash” from where he played drums to the back of the stage. .

And now his news shakes the world of entertainment, because he was a legend with the group, on social networks hundreds of messages are sent in his honor and they are inundated with photographs and videos of his career with the group. Filed Under: Charlie Watts Dies


Charlie watts
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A few weeks ago, a spokesman for the rocker confirmed his absence during shows the group planned to do earlier this month in the United States, revealing that Watts needed to “rest and recover” after a medical procedure.

Later it was confirmed that the operation had been “completely successful”, but the source told The Mirror portal that the star needed time to recover. Filed Under: Charlie Watts Dies

Charlie Watts Dies: “MY TIME HAS WAS DIVERSE”

Rolling Stones
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“For once, my time has drifted a bit. I am working hard to get fully in shape, but today I have accepted, following the advice of the experts, that this will take a while ”, admitted Charlie during his recovery, a few weeks ago.

“After all the disappointment with the tour delays caused by Covid-19, I really don’t want all the Stones fans in the United States who have been saving their tickets to have another postponement or cancellation,” added the drummer in your moment.


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His bandmates, Mick Jagger, Keith Richards and Ronnie Wood, wanted him to get back in shape for the celebrations planned for the band’s 60th anniversary in 2022, when they will release their first album of original songs in 17 years.

To fill in during their recovery, the band declared that it had selected Steve Jordan, a longtime member of guitarist Keith Richards’ group, the X-Pensive Winos, according to information from Agencia Reforma. Filed Under: Charlie Watts Dies


Charlie Watts dies
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In a similar case of a famous dead singer, a few months ago it was reported that the Brazilian funk singer, MC Kevin, died when jumping from the fifth floor of a hotel, he had a blow to the head, report the news portals of Depor and Infobae .

The investigations indicate that the artist was in a room with the model Bianca Domingues, apparently they had sexual relations and in an attempt to prevent his wife Deolane Bezerra from surprising him, he decided to jump to a height of approximately 18 meters.


Charlie Watts dies
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The goal of the singer was to fall into the pool, however, it was not like that and he hit a flat surface, receiving a strong blow to the head. Despite medical efforts, MC Kevin did not resist and died moments later.

The Barra da Tijuca police opened an investigation and about eight people have testified, including the model, alleged lover, wife, friends, friends and people who worked with the singer. Filed Under: Charlie Watts Dies


Rolling Stones
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The 23-year-old artist met the model during the afternoon and it was then that she was invited to the hotel. Witness accounts indicate that MC Kevin had consumed alcohol and drugs during his stay that weekend.

As a result of this, a request has been made to the authorities of the Legal Medical Institute (IML), to perform a toxicological examination on the singer’s body, to find out if he really did it and if so, what type of narcotics he consumed. Filed Under: Charlie Watts Dies


Rolling Stones
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The model, Bianca Domingues, broke the silence about what happened in that room and through social networks she confessed the following about the news that Mc Kevin dies: “it was an accident”. Also, she said that she saw everything and that she couldn’t believe what had happened.

In statements reproduced by the Globo media outlet, the model said the following: “I’m not doing well at all. I am still in shock. I am very sad, there is no name for this ”. Also in, his official account asked for prayers for the singer. Filed Under: Charlie Watts Dies

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