Charlize Theron could play the Invisible Woman in the Fantastic 4

The Fantastic 4 project has already become one of the most anticipated in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, because after the arrival of the multiverse, it is said that the first members of the company’s most famous team will arrive very soon.

Likewise, the proposals of actors for the roles do not stop circulating on social networks, although so far there have been no official confirmations from Marvel except for the team leader.

Marvel recently confirmed +John Krasinski as Reed Richards+, and apparently the studio already has the ideal actress to play Sue Storm, aka The Invisible Woman, and it could be none other than Charlize Theron.

Marvel could cast Charlize Theron as the Invisible Woman

The South African could be the new Sue Storm So far these are the celebrities who have been mentioned for a role

After +Jon Watts confirmed the Fantastic 4+ movie, several actors and actresses have already been put on the list of possible candidates to play the roles, now being the beautiful South African actress Charlize Theron who could bring the Invisible Woman to life in the next movie.

Apparently the only older actors would be John Krasinski and Charlize Theron, as it is said that for the roles of Johnny Storm and Ben Grimm they would use young film promises, whose performance would help them boost their careers in the MCU.

Fantastic Four movie could be coming very soon

So far these are the celebrities who have been mentioned for a role

As we informed you in AmericanPost.News, it was initially said that +Jennifer Lawrence would be the Invisible Woman+, however it seems that it will be discarded and even Charlize Theron could appear briefly in the next Doctor Strange movie.

So far it is unknown if the theory is real, because neither Marvel nor Charlize Theron have mentioned anything about it, probably to keep the mystery and thus generate more interest in the next MCU project.

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