Chayanne congratulates his fans before Mother’s Day, showing muscle

Chayanne He is one of the most beloved and successful singers in Latin America, even over the years and as a joke, he has been considered the “father” of the children of many of his fans, so prior to “Mother’s day” sent a big congratulations to his fans.

Recently in AmericanPost.News We let you know that Chayanne came to TikTok and his videos have caused a furor on social networks.

This Sunday, May 8, a few days before Mother’s Day, Chayanne consented to his fans, with a warm congratulations, showing the great figure he has.

Chayanne congratulates on Mother’s Day

Through his official TikTok account, the singer Chayanne sent a message to his faithful followers for Mother’s Day, while he was cooking and wearing a short-sleeved shirt and showing off his muscular arms.

“On this day I had to cook, happy Mother’s Day, but I eat this myself,” says the singer in the video

The Puerto Rican singer is one of the most beloved in Mexico, thanks to his talent and beauty he has won the hearts of hundreds of women in different parts of Latin America.

How old is Chayanne?

Chayanne surprises with his “preserved” physique.

Chayanne is currently 53 years old and continues to fall in love all over the world, with his presentations and on social networks.

Recently her niece, the singer Lele Pons, revealed a series of photos on her social networks, which caused a furor, showing that she has preserved her youth.

The singer Chayanne He is close to turning 54 and continues to look radiant, many even claim that “he took the potion of eternal youth.”

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