Chayanne reveals his favorite song to sing live

We all know Elmer Figueroa Arce or better known as Chayannethe singer from Puerto Rico who has spent many years in the music industry, with around 40 million albums sold starting from a very young age as part of the group “Los Chicos”.

And it is one of the most loved in Latin America and in other parts of the world thanks to songs like “Tiempo de vals” released in 2009 and a few years later “Nobody else” and “Provócame”.

Not long ago he released new songs in his discography, one of them was “I love you period” being received positively by the public.

Despite the absence of international tours of the singer, Chayanne always takes into account to be in contact with his fans through social networks where he has a total of six and a half million followers.

So much is his love for his fans that he recently opened a Tiktok account with the intention of having more interaction with them.

What is Chayanne’s favorite hit to sing live?

Through Instagram, he was honest about that favorite song to present live, and it is “And you go away” released in 2022.

The reason for his preference is due to the euphoric responses of the people who have attended his concerts. Due to this, the Puerto Rican Chayanne enjoys more than usual presenting said theme on stage.

Along with a fragment of one of his presentations singing the melody, he said: “This is one of the songs that I have always liked to sing live” along with various hashtags #ytutevas #chayanne #volvachayanne.

Almost immediately, fans reacted to his publication with large amounts of likes and comments praising his beautiful and talented voice, wishing to see him on stage again.

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How many songs does Chayanne have in total?

In 54 years of experience he has composed more than 100 songs

During his 54-year musical career, Chayanne has composed a total of 206 songs since 1984 when he made his solo debut. This is the Top 10 of her best songs:

Party in America (1987)

This rhythm is danced like this (1988)

Completely in Love (1990)

Provoke Me (1992)

Dance Dance (1996)

Salome (1998)

I’d Drop Everything (1998)

Tied to Your Love (1998)

Boom Boom (2000)

Bullfighter (2002)

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