Cheap flights: tips to travel as a family at low cost

Cheap flights: tips to travel as a family at low cost

Tips to get low-cost airline tickets.

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The founder of a website that specializes in finding cheaper airfare than the prices we generally find in the market, It has said that it has additional tricks to finding tickets on its pages so that when buying online we save money, especially if it is about trips as a couple or as a family.

This is some great advice from Scott’s cheap fligths site founder Scott Keyes, who says it’s not just about buying in advance or selecting certain dates that make our tickets cost less, sometimes it is about the distribution of the seats inside the airplane and the sales by sections of the same.

Keyes explains that airlines divide aircraft seats by section and assign different prices to them. For example, 4 seats in a row may be $ 99, but the 2 on the other wing of the plane already cost $ 130; So if you travel in a group of 6 it is possible that the airline will choose the seats from the same section to sell to the group, but if you must choose 2 from another section at a higher cost, then they will all be sold at the highest cost.

It is an automatic choice made by the system, so Keyes says that you can compare the price of all the seats you are buying, with the one of only one and thus know if we are paying the correct price.

To better explain, in a section of 4 seats the seats are more expensive than if you buy in a section of two. Therefore, if you need 4 tickets, it is possible that by buying them separately, 2 and 2, you can save on something.

So Scott’s cheap fligths expert advice recommends always asking the price of the seats separately, Scott explains that this can be suggested to the travel agent without any complications.

“It’s not going to work every time, but always checking to see if it’s going to be cheaper to book fewer tickets at a time is a simple way to save a lot of money many times over,” he said.

However, even if you buy the seats separately, the final advice is that you should verify that all the seats are within the same reservation. This in case of any problem with the flight, delay or cancellation, it is easier to solve it and you will prevent a family group or friends from being separated.


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