Checo Perez takes second in Bahrain Grand Prix, sets sights on World Championship

Passion and perseverance pay off for Checo Perez, as he finishes 2nd at Bahrain Grand Prix and sets his sights on 2023 Formula 1 World Championship.
  1. Checo Perez starts the 2023 Formula 1 season with a strong performance at the Bahrain Grand Prix, finishing 2nd.
  2. The Mexican driver has set his sights on winning the World Championship this year, and the podium finish provides a good start to his campaign.
  3. Red Bull faces strong competition this season, but the team and Checo Perez are confident in their strategies and abilities to achieve their goals.

Checo Perez started from second position in the Bahrain Grand Prix, and the Mexican driver hoped to take his first podium of the season.

However, in the first 15 laps, the Mexican lost second position, and Leclerc held on, but by lap 17, Checo overtook even teammate Max Verstappen and moved into first place.

The Mexican led by 10+ seconds after a tire change, and Checo kept pushing the pace.

Max Verstappen regained first position and Leclerc second, but Checo Perez closed the gap to him by five thousandths.

Checo Perez recovered and positioned himself in second again from lap 40 of the Bahrain Grand Prix.

The Mexican finally got his first podium of the season and finished second, and the emotion was present as he hopes to surpass the work done during 2022.

Bahrain Grand Prix podium

The podium ended as follows:

  1. Max Verstappen (Red Bull)
  2. Checo Perez (Red Bull)
  3. Fernando Alonso (Aston Martin)

Checo Perez before the Bahrain Grand Prix

Checo Perez assured after qualifying for the Bahrain Grand Prix that they made some modifications in order to feel more confident in the race. Last year, unfortunately, Checo missed the podium in Bahrain.

“We have prepared a lot more, we made some changes for qualifying, and for the race, we hope to have the car ready,” he said.

It is worth remembering that Checo has the goal of winning the Drivers’ Championship, something that got out of his hands during last season, and that is why he is keeping a steady pace.

Red Bull in 2023

Red Bull has to have good strategies because it seems that in 2023 it will have strong rivals, the already-known Mercedes and Ferrari and Aston Martin, which is coming strong this season.

However, last year’s good performance and the Bahrain circuit would make them gain confidence for the challenges ahead.

Checo Perez and the dream of becoming world champion

A new season begins in Formula 1, and with this, the dream of Checo Perez is back in action, which is to be the world champion in the premier category.

The Mexican driver started the year with important points thanks to his second place this Sunday, so he dreams of achieving his goal in his 12th consecutive season in Formula 1.

Of course, he will have to work hard because, once again, Verstappen is the favorite to win his third world championship at the end of 2023.

Checo Perez’s podiums in Formula 1

Checo Perez reached this day 27 podiums in Formula 1, and here we tell you which are those:

  • 2012: Malaysian GP – Second place, Canadian GP – Third place, and Italian GP – Second place.
  • 2014: Bahrain Grand Prix – Third place
  • 2015: Russian GP – Third place
  • 2016: Monaco Grand Prix – Third place, European Grand Prix – Third place
  • 2018: Azerbaijan GP – Third Place
  • 2020: Turkey GP – Second place, Sakhir GP – First place
  • 2021: Azerbaijan GP – First place, French GP – Third place, Turkish GP – Third place, United States GP – Third place, Mexican GP – Third place
  • 2022: Australian GP – Second place, Emilia Romagna GP – Second place, Spanish GP – Second place, Monaco GP – First place, Azerbaijan GP – Second place, British GP – Second place, Belgian GP – Second place, Singapore GP – First place, Japanese GP – Second place, Mexican GP – Third place, Abu Dhabi GP – Third place
  • 2023: Bahrain Grand Prix 2023 – Second place