Checo Pérez welcomed with standing ovations at US Grand Prix in Austin (Video)

Checo Perez – Photo: Mark Thompson/Getty Images.

After having outstanding performances in the Singapore and Japan Grand Prix, Sergio “Checo” Perez could not make it to the United States Grand Prix and ended up losing to Charles Leclerc. Despite finishing fourth and missing the podium, the Mexican driver caused a sensation in North America.

Hours before the award, on Saturday, the fans fully supported the Red Bull driver and chanted his name. “Checo, Checo” resounded in the spaces decorated with colors alluding to Mexican culture.

However, the chants also included booing towards Pérez and Dutch driver Marx Verstappen, as a group of fans shouted against them and called them cheaters. The latter was possibly due to the recent update from the International Automobile Federation (FIA) when it stated that the Austrian team exceeded the budget limit in 2021.

More about Checo Perez:

The event was captured in a clip circulating on social networks showing Sergio ‘Checo’ Pérez and Max Verstappen on stage.

Checo Perez has been known for arousing passion wherever he is. Weeks ago, we learned about a Japanese fan in love with the trajectory of the Mexican and Aztec cultures.

After a short visit to his native Guadalajara, the professional driver was present at the Fiestas de Octubre at the Palenque and received a standing ovation from the audience thanks to the singer Carlos Rivera, who noticed the presence of the driver and started the ovation to the rhythm of “Checo, Checo, Checo,” in a clear act of recognition to the Mexican driver’s work in the maximum category of world motorsport.

Perez arrived in the United States leading the standings over Leclerc with 253 points. With this new result, the Monegasque driver surpassed the Aztec with 267 points to the 265 of the Red Bull driver. The next Formula 1 duel between the two will be at the home of the Mexican driver, as it will take place at the Mexican Grand Prix.