Chicharito sent an emotional message to Jonathan dos Santos

Chicharito Hernández took almost two weeks, but in the end the Mexican player sent an emotional message to his colleagues Jonathan and Giovani after the death of Zizinho dos Santos, former footballer and father of the dos Santos brothers.

Through a post on Instagram, Hernández dedicated a few lines to Jonathan dos Santos, in which he expressed the momentum that having his father “cheering from heaven” will mean in the season and making it clear that in the Los Angeles box everyone is a family.

Chicharito in solidarity with his partner

Chicharito Hernandez
Efraín Álvarez, Jonathan dos Santos and Javier Hernández. Photo: Instagram.

Hernández’s text was accompanied by a photograph in which Jonathan and Chicharito are observed with Efraín Álvarez, the three Mexicans who are part of the Galaxy this season and who have represented the national team at least once each.

“Motivation now increases 200% with this great impulse that will be encouraging us from heaven brother. We are going to fight for the championship and for everything we set out to do. Let’s go with all the LA Galaxy family! ”, Wrote Chicharito, Tricolor’s top scorer.

Jonathan dos Santos thanked the message

Chicharito Hernandez
Jonathan dos Santos’s response on social networks. Photo: Instagram.

The message was answered by Jonathan himself through a comment and hinted at the good relationship he has with Chicharito and Efraín in the team that is within the Major League Soccer in the United States.

“Amen. Let’s go with everything for tokinirmao! tamojunto !!! loveyou !!!! ”, replied Dos Santos in the same publication, where Efraín Álvarez was also present with a simple comment of“ Let’s go ”, accompanied by heart emoticons for Hernández.

They boast great relationship

Two saints
Jonathan dos Santos and Javier Hernández at the LA Galaxy. Photo: AP

Hernández, dos Santos and Álvarez are currently active in the Los Angeles Galaxy, a club that boasted of this good relationship through their Twitter account, since they published the message through their own medium and accompanied it with a more fraternal text:

“Brothers forever!” They wrote on social networks next to the flag of Mexico, since they are three of the representatives that the Mexican legion has in the MLS and who represent the union within the Los Angeles squad.

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