Chick-fil-A Releases Its Third Inspiring Holiday Short Film And Encourages Turning The Unexpected Into The Wonderful

Extraordinary things can also be found in mistakes, according to the message of the Chick-fil-A short film.

Photo: Chick-fil-A / Courtesy

Chick-fil-A presents the third chapter of its holiday series that inspires people to see messy real-life experiences as opportunities and turn them into something wonderful

Chick-fil-A presents for the third consecutive year an animated Christmas short film. In this year’s film, he encourages viewers to embrace the wonder of life’s unexpected and imperfect moments.

The Chick-fil-A short film is one chapter in a series of Evergreen Hills stories. The main character is a girl named Sam, who discovers how little acts of kindness can bring people together.

In 2019, the importance of quality time with family was highlighted; In 2020, Sam set out to inspire hope in a city that had lost its spark; This year is about finding opportunities and seeing how wonderful things are even when they are not perfect or the situation is something unexpected.

Along with his friend Cece, Sam has a mishap with a precious ornament part of the Christmas decorations. The incident leads the two girls to The Whoopsery, a bakery where every mistake in the kitchen is transformed into an amazing gift. “Here, even the little mistakes are found in something extraordinary,” says the pastry chef.

Creatives at Chick-fil-A, Inc note that the time of year can be full of unrealistic expectations, from choosing the perfect tree to serving the perfect food, and therefore the message of the short film.

The short film wants to inspire people to see messy real-life experiences as opportunities. Finding joy when things don’t go as planned and not to miss the wonderful moments when you are with loved ones.

The two-minute short can now be viewed at It airs on Thanksgiving Day on NBC and will continue to air on television and in theaters through Christmas Eve. Sam’s story will hardly continue to unfold for years to come.

On the digital platform, in addition to watching the video, users have the opportunity to gift a recipe card to someone special and an offer to redeem a free seasonal Peppermint Chip Milkshake. Chick-fil-A will mail recipe cards directly to the home addresses entered on the website. When the printed recipe cards run out.

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