Child received a little kitchen on Three Kings Day, his reaction went viral

East January 6, 2022 is celebrated on Three Kings Day, the little ones receive gifts, since they made a letter in advance to ask for a toy this day, although some already opened their gifts early, as happened with a child who received a kitchenette.

Via TikTok They shared an adorable video of the reaction that the little one had when he received a little kitchen as a gift, because the boy looked happy and happy when he was removing the gift wrap from the toy that the kings brought him, he even jumped for joy in surprise.

Although some children will not receive gifts this day, because in AmericanPost.News We share that they created a candy charcoal for those little ones who misbehaved to replace the dark pieces of charcoal, since it is customary to leave charcoal instead of toys to children who misbehaved.

This is how a child reacted to his toy on Three Kings Day

The child was moved by the gift he received on January 6 The traditional rosca de reyes

In the video they shared on TikTok they commented on the following: “Like when the Magi know that toys have no gender and that they are just that … toys to make dreams come true.” They mention in the publication that it has added thousands of reactions.

Several users commented that the child when he grows up will become a chef, others mentioned that toys are toys, while several indicated that it is the most beautiful thing they have seen on social networks, the reaction of the child conquered Internet users.

How is the Three Kings Day celebrated in Mexico?

The traditional rosca de reyes

In Mexico it is customary to celebrate January 6 with gifts and a delicious rosca de reyes, as it is one of the most popular celebrations that commemorates the adoration of the child Jesus, Melchor, Gaspar and Baltasar traveled to Bethlehem to deliver presents such as gold, incense and myrrh in homage to Jesus of Nazareth.

But, the most anticipated by families in the celebration of Three Kings Day is the traditional rosca that is enjoyed with a hot chocolate or coffee, while the little ones enjoy opening their gifts that they have left under the Christmas tree.

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