Child Tax Credit: Code for America Launches Tool to Help Low-Income Families Register

Child Tax Credit: Code for America Launches Tool to Help Low-Income Families Register
With the new tool, applicants for the benefit can register from various devices.

Despite the fact that the government headed by Joe Biden has done everything possible to promote the benefits of the Child Tax Credit so that more families register, the efforts are not enough and, therefore, there are organizations that have understood that The fight against poverty should be promoted by all, in order to that the most needy get the monthly benefit.

Under this idea of ​​helping and promoting the benefits of the tax credit distributed by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), Code for America, a non-profit technology organization, announced that it launched an online tool to help low-income families register to receive the monthly payments that the government distributes via the IRS.

According to an official statement, this tool, available at, could be developed thanks to the joint work between the organization, the White House and the Treasury Department. The way in which it was developed, allows the applicant who wishes to enroll in the tax credit program sign up in spanishIn addition, the tool is compatible with mobile devices.

Through a press release, David Newville, director of Code for America’s tax benefits program, stated that two months after the first payment of the tax credit was released, “it is clear that it is having a significant impact on families. workers. We want to do everything possible to make sure all families have access to credit”.

The Code for America tool is in addition to the one released three months ago by the IRS for non-filing citizens, through a collaboration with tax preparation companies in the Free File Alliance. But one of the concerns raised by the organizations had to do with the limitation that there was only the configuration of English as a language and excluded spanish.

On the other hand, it was also stated that a platform that had compatibility with various mobile devices was necessary, in order to make the registration process for the Child Tax Credit easier, especially for the Latino community that lives throughout the national territory, which represents millions of citizens.

The comments were taken into account by Code for America, so that the entire Latino and Spanish-speaking community in the United States has in this tool the best possible instrument so that they can register and in the coming weeks be creditors to the payment corresponding to September and the months to come.

According to the Household Pulse Survey of the United States Census Bureau, two months after the Child Tax Credit payments were released, families are guaranteeing that they have the necessary resources to guarantee that their children will have their coverage covered. food, as well as their basic needs, in order to move away from poverty rates.

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