Children of Alejandra Cuevas request impeachment of prosecutor Gertz Manero

Alejandra Cuevas placeholder image 68 years old, she is about to spend a second Christmas in prison, for a crime that according to the evidence, she did not commit. As we reported in a previous article by AmericanPost.News.

She is accused by the Attorney General of the Republic, Alejandro Gertz Manero, for the death of his brother Federico. And now they have requested in the Chamber of Deputies that a political trial be initiated against the highest authority of the Mexican justice system.

Her three children, Ana Paula, Alonso and Gonzalo, have denounced by all possible means the human rights violations of which they assure their mother has been a victim since October 16, 2020, when she was arrested.

Alejandra’s children attended Congress

Children of Alejandra Cuevas ask for impeachment of prosecutor Gertz Manero Alejandra Cuevas

According to information from the Infobae portal, this Tuesday, Alejandra’s three children delivered to the Directorate of Legal Affairs of the Chamber of Deputies, all the documents with evidence that support their request.

“We are facing a scandalous and shameful violation of human rights and justice,” they said in a statement, pointing out that this is precisely the reason why they seek to resort to trial.

The children of the detainee insist that it is a personal revenge of Gertz Manero who, they say, “is afraid” that her 94-year-old grandmother Laura Morán, who for almost five decades was a partner of Federico Gertz, may have information on ” his incalculable fortune ”.

What happened to Alejandra Cuevas?

Alejandra Cuevas placeholder image

The case of Alejandra Cuevas already accumulates a series of twists that, beyond helping to resolve it, have lengthened her stay in prison. The last occurred in November, when three magistrates would pronounce the verdict on his case with the possibility of obtaining his release.

It should be remembered that Alejandra Cuevas was sentenced with a formal prison order, which the Fourth Criminal Chamber of the Superior Court of Justice of Mexico City confirmed last February.

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