Children of late Andrés García will not receive an inheritance from the actor; know what they do

Andres Garcia's three children have estranged relationships with the actor. Read about the real reason.

The soap opera actor was married four times. As a result, Andrés, Leonardo, and Andrea were born children of Andrés García, who inherited their father’s talent, but with time their relationship was fractured. Who are they, and what do they do? In American post News, we bring you all the details.

The Dominican became one of the most beloved personalities in Mexico, both for his talent and charisma. The actor married for the first time in 1967, and as a result of that relationship, his sons, Andres Jr. and Leonardo, were born.

In 1974, the artist remarried Fernanda Ampudia, with whom he gave birth to his daughter Andrea García. And although the actor was close to each of his descendants, in the month before his death, García acknowledged that he would die alone because he said that none of his children are looking after him.

Who are the children of Andrés García?

The actor with his children.

Andrés García Jr, the Dominican’s eldest son, was born in September 1938 in Mexico City. Although he began his career in Mexico as an actor, he has been living in Miami for several years, so he has had little contact with his father.

Andres Garcia Jr

Leonardo García, Andrés Jr.’s brother, was born on December 27, 1972. He followed in the footsteps of his family in acting, making his debut in 1983 with his participation in the film ‘El día del Compadre.’ He has been featured in 13 soap operas, including ‘El Privilegio de Amar’ and ‘El Rostro de Analía,’ as well as 12 movies and seven TV shows.

Leonardo Garcia

Andrea García is the actor’s youngest daughter. Like her siblings, she has forged a career as an actress, model, and television presenter. Since her birth, her relationship with her father has been minimal, however, according to rumors their relationship came to an end after she posed for a men’s magazine, a version that was later denied by the actor himself.

Andrea Garcia.

What about Andres Garcia?

The actor revealed that he suffers from health problems.

At the beginning of the year, Andres Garcia confessed that he urgently needs a blood donation, as he revealed during Televisa’s show ‘Hoy’ that he was diagnosed with a condition in his spinal cord that affects his hemoglobin levels, the reason why he requires a blood transfusion in order to remain in stable health. In this sense, the actor’s new wife assured that Andres Garcia’s children have not shown their support to their father.

Unfortunately, Andres Garcia died on April 4, 2023.