Children of Enrique Peña Nieto reappear after their father’s infidelity scandal

In an apparent attempt to divert attention, the sons of Enrique Pena Nietothey were seen together like few times and this sparked controversy, because it happens after Cynthia Klitbo woke upabout the alleged infidelity of the former president of Mexico to the former first lady, Angélica Rivera.

Three of the Peña Pretelini brothers posed together and it was undoubtedly a great moment for them, although for Mexicans it can be interpreted in another way and they have expressed it in the comments.

It was through the profile of Nicole Peña Pretelini where the controversial image was published where she poses with Paulina and Alejandro, on what appears to be a family trip, which was undoubtedly surrounded by many luxuries.

Engagement of Paulina Peña Pretelini

The engagement made the whole family happy The Mexican politician is the father of four children

In AmericanPost.News We announced that last year, Paulina, the eldest daughter of the former Mexican president, was engaged to her boyfriend Fernando Tena, who gave her an impressive engagement ring and even Tania Ruiz was the first to congratulate the couple.

Later, the reaction of his brothers was seen through a video, and it is even shown in detail that Alejandro was very excited by the news.

The celebration of the commitment of Paulina Peña and Fernando was very viral in social networks, since the great love that exists in the couple after several years of love relationship was seen.

How many children does Enrique Peña Nieto have?

The Mexican politician is the father of four children

The former president of Mexico is the father of four children; three of them are from his ex-wife, who died of causes that are still being investigated. The fourth of them was born from a relationship that the former PRI politician had.

In this medium we announced that the 4 children of Enrique Peña Nieto are being investigated and their accounts are being tracked because there is money that is a matter of doubt for the authorities.

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