Children of Fernando del Solar with Ingrid Coronado, meet with those of Anna Ferro

The death of Fernando del Solar was the reason why his sons and those of his wife’s,  Anna Ferro, met and it was the driver’s widow who shared the emotional reunion.

On American Post News we have previously informed you that Fernando del Solar passed away on June 30, at the age of 49, due to severe pneumonia.

Fernando del Solar was considered one of the most beloved drivers in the world of entertainment, so his death shocked his fans and colleagues.

Anna Ferro reunites her children and those of Fernando del Solar

Through her social networks, Anna Ferro shared a photograph, in which you can see the two children of Fernando del Solar, along with hers, gathered together in the middle of the driver’s funeral.

“My love… I know you had to do with this meeting, thank you for helping me see our children together. Yours, mine, and us. I love you to infinity. Thank you so much @fernandodelsolar. You will always be the love of my life,” it is read in the publication. It should be noted that the children of Fernando and Ingrid have their faces censored to protect their identity.

The image exceeded 18 thousand “likes” and hundreds of comments, among which Sergio Sepúlveda stands out, who is rumored to have been prohibited from entering the driver’s funeral.

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Fernando del Solar and Ingrid Coronado

Fernando del Solar and Ingrid Coronado staged a controversial divorce.

The driver and actor Fernando del Solar had a very controversial relationship with Ingrid Coronado, with whom he had two children, Luciano and Paolo.

They confirmed their romance in 2008, however, in 2015 they announced that they were separating when the driver faced cancer, a situation for which Ingrid Coronado was highly criticized.

After a controversial divorce with Ingrid Coronado, the driver Fernando del Solar found love again and in 2022 he married Anna Ferro, who is the mother of Alessandro, Mario Carlo, and Francesca.