Chile: A call for calm

Photo: Claudio Santana / Getty Images

Regarding the Chilean elections and the victory of Gabriel Boric, representative of the left wing, there is no shortage of people who call themselves a bird of ill omen, and begin to predict events that have not yet occurred.
We all know someone who, after knowing the results, began to get how much old opinion the now president-elect could have said more than 8 years ago on Twitter, as if people had no right to be wrong or as if the change in perspectives was not possible.
Although it is true that in Latin America what is most abundant are the examples of autocratic governments, left or right, with the catastrophic consequences that we have seen in Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela; I think it is necessary to call for calm, after all; anxiety can be the worst counselor.
I dare say that despite the fact that in our region we share certain similarities, it is also true that each country has written a different history and therefore; their policies respond to completely different situations.
It is a huge error to measure Chile by what may be happening in other latitudes of the hemisphere, since it is evident that between the three mentioned examples and the South American nation there is a huge differentiating margin, framed by state institutions that, until now, have been have been kept functional.
I think it is necessary to note that it is a good sign that, after knowing the results, José Antonio Kast recognized the results with a good attitude, and left an open bridge to be able to work together in those areas that he knows can contribute positive things for the Chilean people.
Anyone who acts in a contrary way, with pride and making an apology for violence, should be automatically ruled out for any other possible future candidacy, since they are clearly demonstrating what their true intentions would be.
A country is never half its people. Regardless of who had won, neither of the two candidates could sustain themselves by constantly facing that percentage of people who did not vote for their proposal, since it would be creating a climate of ungovernability that no one is willing to experience.
Mahatma Gandhi said that democracy is broken when the reins are tightened, and that therefore, it can only exist based on trust. What will happen in Chile? We will only know that with time. In the meantime, let’s call for calm.
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