Chile declares health alert for monkeypox, the country registered 6 cases

After the confirmation of six cases of monkeypox, the Chilean government declared a health alert in the country, in order to strengthen the health system, and prevent more infections, the health authorities detailed that they are seeking to detect and treat more cases of this zoonotic infection.

“What we want to do today is inform the public that we have declared a health alert for monkeypox or monkeypox, understanding the health alert as a reinforcement strategy, to have more tools and be able to respond to these cases,” explained the Minister of Health of that country, Begoña Yarza.

Among the measures that have been applied, it was said that Every Friday information will be provided to the public about the evolution of the virus in the countrythat is, a paremiological report will be kept.

Also border closures were ordered“This measure is an alert, but it is not an alarm. Chile has a health system that is capable of suspecting, is capable of diagnosing, isolating and monitoring. The reassurance to people that we are within a health system that is capable of doing all of these things and taking the appropriate action.”

Monkeypox in Chile

Monkeypox has been confirmed in 6 citizens

In AmericanPost.Newswe have recently reported that the virus “simian orthopoxvirus” is a rare and autochthonous disease of Africa, it appeared in Chile in 1980 and was eradicated in 1959, despite the Last June 17, the first case was registered and currently they have 6 confirmedit should be noted that Chile is the first country to declare a health emergency due to monkeypox.

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New cases in the world

This Thursday, in Colombia the first three cases of monkeypox have been detected, they are two adults from Bogotá and a youth from Medellínthe health authorities explained that the patients are in isolation and preventive measures have been taken in the face of the emergency.

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