Chilling scene in Oaxaca: Human head and narco-messages found outside Tanivet Prison

CJNG claims Tanivet Prison territory in Oaxaca, leaving a beheaded victim as a chilling message; authorities investigate links to drug smuggling.
  1. A severed head and two narco-messages linked to the Jalisco Cartel – New Generation (CJNG) were found outside Tanivet Prison in Oaxaca, causing shock and dismay among locals.
  2. The identity of the beheaded victim remains unknown. Still, the messages suggest the person was involved in drug smuggling within the prison and imply the CJNG is staking its claim over the facility.
  3. Authorities are investigating the dreadful incident, with some officials speculating the crime is meant to cause fear and destabilize the community as the cartel seeks to assert control in the region.

The macabre discovery of a human head with two narco messages outside the Tanivet Prison in Oaxaca dismayed local media and citizens passing through the area. Local media reported that the head was found inside a cloth bag with lime, which a group of men would have left – so far unknown – in the morning of April 10 in front of the prison in the municipality of Tlacolula.

They said two narco-messages were also found in which the scene was attributed to the Jalisco Cartel – New Generation (CJNG) along with the human remains.

“We have arrived, and we are not leaving. This prison already has an owner. Nabarro’ we are coming for you,” reads the white banner signed by a certain Comandante Chaparro. Meanwhile, the second message (written on yellow cardboard) was addressed to the prison director as a warning from the four-letter man.

All your officers are going to be charged by the v*rga

Los mensajes fueron firmados por un integrante del CJNG. (Facebook Oaxaca Capital)
A member of the CJNG signed the messages. (Facebook Oaxaca Capital)

So far, the identity of the victim remains unknown. However, it was reported that the head belonged to the body of a woman who, according to the CJNG message, had collaborated with an organization to bring drugs into the Tanivet prison.

“Any old woman who lends herself to bring drugs that do not belong to the company will be left like this, without a head.”

Elements of the State Attorney General’s Office(FGE) arrived at the scene to begin the corresponding investigations. However, the Government of Oaxaca assured that the experts have not been able to determine if the finding is “an extremity or a head.”

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To this, the head of the Secretariat of Security and Citizen Protection of Oaxaca, Iván García, indicated that the studies also showed that the victim would not have died in the southern entity due to the foul odor he was giving off.

“It is a very foul odor. That is to say, it is a body that was taken from another place. They brought it, put it in, came, and threw it there. The reality is that it is not from the state of Oaxaca. It was brought from some other state, and they planted it there”, said the Secretary in a press conference.

In this sense, the Secretary affirmed that the abandonment of the rest would be part of “an attempt to cause psychosis” in the citizenship in the face of the criminal organizations that operate in the state.

“The blow is very strong in the state already with them. And obviously, there is dissatisfaction. They are not comfortable. So what they are looking for is to cause psychosis and the rejection of society in certain aspects,” he said from the Government Palace.

For his part, Governor Salomón Jara attributed the crime to the departure of the former Director of the Penitentiary Center “who already had many years” – and for which there had been a riot inside the prison orchestrated by “a leader, Patricia”: “I do not rule out that Vera’s hand was also involved in that,” he added about José Manuel Vera Salinas, José Manuel Vera Salinas.

“I am sure that he wants to give a message. Just like the mutiny that took place years ago on Patricia’s part, now to say: ‘Look what is happening'”.