Chilling story of Patrice Evra: his teacher sexually abused him as a child

Patrice Evra defended the shirt of the French national team for several years.

Photo: Christopher Lee / Getty Images

Behind each athlete there are stories to tell, some very happy and others that cause sadness and pain. TO Patrice evra they interviewed him in ‘The Times’ and there revealed that as a child one of his teachers sexually abused him.

One of the hardest stories that any athlete has told in recent times. He never dared to reveal it publicly, not even to report it and now he does it to protect children from situations like the one he experienced.

That teacher touched, pushed and hit him, “He was sexually aroused and touched himself” as he did so, the Frenchman revealed.

“I am not ashamed when I admit that I felt like a coward for many years not to talk about it. It was something that was squeezing my chest. But this is not for me, but for the children. I don’t want anyone to feel ashamed for experiencing something like this ”, said.

He, for various family reasons, was forced to stay three nights with that teacher from his childhood and his mother ignored the situation until one fine day she decided not to hide it anymore.

“The hardest thing was telling my mother. She said she was sorry she hadn’t noticed and that if (the teacher) was still alive, she would kill him “, he continued. Evra, in order not to say anything to her, was only trying to convince her not to return to that man’s house.

He also regretted not speaking to the police, when they once approached him to discuss the matter as that teacher was being investigated for several similar complaints. “I regret that decision,” he said.

He has never thought to go to trial for that ordeal and decided to bury her. But he did send a message to children who have been sexually abused.

“If you are a child, you read this and they are abusing you, do not be afraid: tell about it. Don’t be ashamed, because there is no shame. Deal with the situation by talking about what is happening ”, he closed.

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