China activates ‘combat readiness patrol’ for US visit to Taiwan

The army of China carried out “combat readiness” patrols in the direction of the ETaiwan Strait on Friday when a delegation from Congress from USA made a surprise visit to Taipei, offering strong support to the island governed democratically by China.

The five members of the US House of Representatives arrived in Taiwan on Thursday night for a two-day trip without notice, the second time in a month that US lawmakers have visited.

As in the last visit, the Chinese military announced patrols in the vicinity of the narrow and sensitive Taiwan Strait that separates the island from its giant neighbor.

The People’s Liberation Army Eastern Theater Command said on Friday it “organized naval and air forces to continue combat-ready police patrols in the direction of the Taiwan Strait.”

Five members of the United States House of Representatives arrived in Taiwan, provoking the wrath of the Asian giant.

“Relevant actions are necessary to deal with the current situation in the Taiwan Strait. Taiwan is part of China’s territory, and defending national sovereignty and territorial integrity is the sacred mission of our military.”

Taiwan’s Defense Ministry, as part of its daily update of Chinese air operations near the island, said that on Friday eight Chinese air force aircraft, including two nuclear-capable H-6 bombers, flew into the area of Taiwan’s air defense, although far from Taiwan and close to the Pratas Islands.

Congressional visit fights China

China routinely denounces visits by US politicians to Taiwan, and his Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that he had filed a formal complaint with Washington on the last trip of the bipartisan group of the Congress, saying that playing the Taiwan card was “a losing hand”.

In meeting with the President of Taiwan, Tsai Ing-wen, in his office on Friday morning, the leader of the delegation of USA He praised the island as a “force for good” in the world.

“Madam President, I want to congratulate and commend your leadership. Under your administration, the ties between us are more positive and productive than they have been for decades,” said Mark Takano, Chairman of the House Veterans Affairs Committee, whose group was previously in Japan and South Korea.

“Our commitment to Taiwan is rock solid and has remained strong as the ties between us have deepened. Taiwan is a democratic success story, a trusted partner and a force for good in the world,” he added.

The United States, like most countries, has no official ties to Taiwan, but it is the most important sponsor and supplier of international arms to the democratically governed island.

The congresswoman Nancy Mace, who is part of the delegation, tweeted that the Chinese embassy in Washington “demanded that we cancel the trip” when the news broke.

“We didn’t,” she added, posting a photo of herself outside the US Air Force plane that took her to Taipei under the caption “Just landed in the Republic of Taiwan,” a term used by supporters of the island’s formal ceremony. independence.

China has stepped up military and political pressure on Taiwan to accept its sovereignty claims. Tsai has vowed to keep the peace with China, but will defend Taiwan if attacked.

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