China is developing a SinoVac vaccine against Omicron variant

The pharmacist of China, Sinovac Biotech, already started working on a vaccine against Omicron variant of COVID-19 which has put several countries in the world on alert for being more contagious than those previously discovered.

The new variant was first identified in South africa, and according to medical experts, it does not cause more symptom serious than the Delta variantHowever, China decided to focus on prevention by creating a new vaccine.

Although it is not considered more intense than the Delta variant, it appears more contagious and according to recent prediction models, the Omicron variant could kill 75,000 people this winter of 2021.

SinoVac develops vaccine against Omicron variant

SinoVac develops vaccine against Omicron variant Omicron variant would be the dominant strain in the world, says Denmark

The Chinese biopharmaceutical is working on a specialized vaccine against the Omicron variant, but they clarified in their official press release that their vaccine Coronavac it is effective against said strain of coronavirus.

“Our laboratory is studying this variation of the virus to develop a more specific immunizer, which is expected to be ready in approximately three months,” about 4 months after López-Gatell confirmed the first case of Ómicron in Mexico.

Likewise, SinoVac assured that its vaccine made from inactivated viruses protects against the most severe symptoms of SARS-CoV-2He also highlighted “the safety of Coronavac’s inactivated virus technology.”

How serious is Ómicron?

Omicron variant would be the dominant strain in the world, says Denmark

How we inform you in AmericanPost.News, the Omicron variant can become dominant in Europe and other parts of the world in just a few months, thus posing a “very high” global risk with possible “severe consequences”, according to the who.

The Omicron variant is spread in the same way as other COVID-19 strains, so “Coronavac has proven to be effective against it,” according to SinoVac in China when announcing the creation of a specialized vaccine.

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