China to apply monkeypox tests to foreign visitors

In the presence of new cases of monkey pox in the world, the health authorities of China They have asked to carry out tests of this disease to all the travelers who come from abroad.

This is one of the requirements of the new disease prevention guide published by the National Health Commission, the test will be mainly for people who visited countries where they have detected cases of the monkey poxup to 21 days before your arrival in China.

In addition to the tests for the simian disease, tests for Covid-19they have detailed what they will give “close monitoring” people who show symptoms of the disease, such as skin rash.

China has not reported cases of monkeypox

China has not reported cases of Monkeypox Monkeypox in Mexico

The authorities of China have reported that if they have symptoms, people will be subjected to etiology tests to rule out that it is chickenpox, rubella or measles, so far the country has not reported any positive case of monkey pox in its territory.

This measure by the Asian country may have arisen from the fact that the WHO asked to take precautions in the face of the increase in cases of the disease, since so far in 2022 little more than 3 thousand 413 infections in more than 50 nations.

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Monkeypox in Mexico

Monkeypox in Mexico

Until June 29 in Mexico 9 positive cases were confirmed monkey poxwhich entails greater precautions for the authorities of the entities, such as Jalisco Y Mexico City.

This amount increased due to the fact that four new cases were recently reported, two of them belong to to foreign patientsa community transmission has been ruled out in the different states.

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