Chinese Horoscope: The water tiger ready to take the big leap

In Chinese culture the Tiger he is considered the king of all animals, due to the black stripes on his head that form the character “Wang” linked to royalty. In Chinese tales and legends, tiger amulets protect from all evil, containing disasters and warding off diseases.

The children receive hats and shoes in the shape of a tiger’s head for their protection, while the feline’s claw transmits the courage of this beast and cures fright. The tiger symbolizes power, courage and fortune.

Even with regard to love, as we previously informed you in AmericanPost.News, they have already been revealed according to the Chinese horoscope what will be the ideal couples in this year of the water tiger as 2022 was considered.

“The epidemic will be partially controlled”

For Master Dong Yilin, who is the third generation in his family of Fengshui masters, the world needed the head and claw of the tiger to get through the pandemic.

“In the year of the tiger, the pandemic will be partially controlled, but it will be difficult to stop it,” he said.

The cycle called “Ren Yin” is linked to rainwater and oceans, while the tiger is “Yin Mu” and is represented by wood; the teacher explains that this combination of water and wood, both are of the Yang duality, which impacts the “Qi”, that flow of energetic air that every living creature needs.

“The spread of the virus will continue with an ever-changing epidemic, but on a smaller scale, it is better to take precautions,” Master Yilin advised.

Chinese horoscope: Characteristics of the tiger.

People born under the tiger are characterized by being passionate, energetic and have a very strong character, as well as competitive and sometimes arrogant.

When it comes to protecting their loved ones, they are able to “take out their claws” and defend and protect them from everything. On the other hand, tigers enjoy the pleasures of life, they are optimistic and very funny.

They can enter any place and immediately attract attention as they are charming and like to make friends.

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