Chinese sweet and sour sauce recipe

When talking about sweet and sour food known all over the world It cannot be avoided that some of the dishes are accompanied by a special sauce. Here we share the Chinese sweet and sour sauce recipe.

It is important to remember that the Chinese cuisine is intimately related not only to society, but also to the chinese philosophy and medicine. He distinguishes between the cai (cooked vegetables and by extension everything that accompanies cereals) and the cereals themselves, the fan.

Yin (feminine) foods are tender, water-rich foods such as fruits and vegetables, and have a cooling effect. Yang (male) foods include fried, spicy, and meat-based dishes, and are used for reheating. All Chinese food has easy recipes that harmonize the flavors, also that seek a balance between hot and cold, the colors and the consistency of the various foods.

Chinese sweet and sour sauce name

The original spicy Chinese sweet and sour sauce comes from the Chinese province of Hunan Sauces are used in China for dipping with meat or chicken dishes There are many master recipes for sweet and sour sauce

As we have mentioned in other informative notes of AmericanPost.News, Some cooks mention that the original Chinese spicy sweet and sour sauce comes from the Chinese province of Hunan, a town where there was a record of rice harvests.

In many places in China, sauces that combine the two basic flavors are used as dipping sauces with meat dishes, rather than cooking with it as is done in Western kitchens.

This style of using sauces is very popular with Chinese who take meat dishes such as chilli and soy for shrimp and oil and garlic for goose dishes. There are, however, some Cantonese dishes Gu lo yuk (Sweet and sour pork) or Loong har kow (sweet and sour crab balls) in which the meat is prepared and cooked in sauce in a wok before being served.

The adjective bittersweet is used to describe the combination of sweet and sour. It should be noted that something sour is perceived as acidic. In this way, when we eat some bittersweet food, we will notice a flavor with a certain sweetness, but at the same time with hints of acidity.

The oldest sauce known to all when we think of Chinese food is soy sauce. This has its origin in China. In ancient times it was customary to preserve salted meats, made from a salty and fermented paste of soybeans. The liquid obtained was reused as a condiment. This liquid is the soy sauce we know today.

There are several types of soy sauce:

Koikuchi: It has the strongest flavor of all the soy sauces out there. We can differentiate it at first glance because it has a much darker color than the others. It is the most common.

Usuchuki: It has a milder taste than the previous one. We can differentiate it because its color has a lighter color and is slightly more liquid. Its flavor is a bit more salty and it is used above all to dress vegetables, soups or fish.

Tamari: This is the sauce created for people with celiac disease. It is produced with little or no wheat, this makes it quite dark in color and therefore more flavorful than Koikuchi. Highly recommended for cooked sashimi, teriyaki, and nimonos.

Shiro: Sometimes we can find it as a white soy sauce since it has a lot of wheat and little soy, so its color is very light and its flavor is very sweet. Its use is very similar to the Usuchuki.

Saishikomi: This has a double fermentation which means a thicker sauce with a stronger flavor. It is usually used to accompany sushi of any type and sashimi.

Chinese sweet and sour sauce with pineapple

Sauces are used in China for dipping with meat or chicken dishes There are many master recipes for sweet and sour sauce

The sweet and sour sauce that uses various condiments including paprika keeps well for a long time, preferably in the fridge, either bought or made at home.

If the sauce is refrigerated, it can keep for up to three to six months. Obviously, the sooner the sauce can be consumed, the better it will be. And bacteria are less likely to build up inside.

Select all the ingredients:

5 slices of pineapple

100 grams of sugar

salt to taste

peppers, to taste

1/2 cups ketchup

1 cup of water


In the blender put the pineapple slices with a little water, make a kind of juice.

In a very salty frying pan add the 100 g of sugar and leave to caramelize.

Then add the pineapple juice to the hot pan with the sugar.

Wait for it to start to thicken and add ketchup sauce, the amount depends on the taste of each person. Salt and pepper a little, not much.

Let reduce and take a thick consistency.

Sweet and sour sauce for sushi

There are many master recipes for sweet and sour sauce

Every person passionate about homemade sushi should know the teriyaki sauce, it is a sweet sauce that combines very well with other flavors of oriental sauces.

It is possible to savor maki sushi dipped in soy sauce and a little wasabi sauce in a first bite and moisten the second bite in teriyaki sauce, sweeter and that alleviates a little the stinging sensation of wasabi.

It is very easy to prepare, but you will need to buy or make soy sauce to make teriyaki, sake is also used; a typical Chinese alcoholic drink of rice, sweet white wine and sugar.

These would be the ingredients to use to make homemade teriyaki sauce, then we will show you the preparation.


  • 1.- Place all the ingredients in a saucepan and stir over low heat until the sugar dissolves, for about 3 minutes or so.
  • 2.- If the teriyaki sauce is cooked a little longer, it will evaporate the alcohol completely, thus being suitable for children.
  • 3.- Ideally, serve the teriyaki sauce at the table with a little temperature.

Now you know the recipe for Chinese sweet and sour sauce, which is easy to make and can be enjoyed with a dish of your choice.

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