Chiquibaby does not separate from her daughter Capri Blu, not even to work!

The television presenter Chiqui Baby She has presumed what her life is like now that she has become a mother, because among her many occupations she takes time to be with her daughter Capri Blu.

His fans have been surprised and shocked after the Mexican who has conquered with her charisma and sympathy thousands of viewers who enjoy seeing him in the mornings during the broadcasts of “Today”.

A few days after having fully incorporated into his work commitments, it is now that he shares with his Instagram followers how he does to comply with all his activities and pending both at work, his beauty routine and of course taking care of your princess.

And it is that in the image that he shared he is seen recording his podcast “The Chiquibaby show”, She wears a mask on her face, the baby is in her arms and she is wearing an animal print gown.

This is how today’s moms are. Here recording the Chiquibaby Show with my Capri Blu that is not far behind and is always ready to work with mommy”He wrote under the post.

And it is that she has commented that with the arrival of the girl her life has turned upside down, so she is still getting used to how to cope with her schedule and spend time with her daughter.

Something that Stephanie himonidis has going for it is that the podcast recording perfectly allows you to spend time with your little princess, so you will continue to do this and further develop your multitasking skills.

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