Chiquibaby melts the networks with a welcome message to his daughter Capri Blu

Chiquibaby melts the networks with a welcome message to his daughter Capri Blu

Chiqui Baby has melted his followers on social networks after he shared a beautiful message addressed to the newborn Capri Blu.

The presenter of “Today”She has finally been discharged from the hospital after stay a few days after the birth of their firstborn, This is how he has shared it through a short video on his Instagram account.

She was seen very animated and with the baby in her arms on her way out of the clinic, while she was being transported in a wheelchair to the elevators, she could not hide her happiness because she showed a huge smile on her face, and she could no longer wait for come home and welcome home the little girl who came to change his life.

That is why along with the publication it has accompanied a long message to Capri Blu, where it expresses all its feelings when living the new experience of being a mother and the endless emotions that it is feeling at the moment.

Since I knew that you formed inside me, you made me the happiest woman in the world. All that joy that I felt before was multiplied when I had you in my arms for the first time and it will continue to grow with you!“Wrote the Mexican under the post.

I promise to always be by your side to guide your path and then see you walk it. I’ve always waited for you Capri Blue López. You don’t have a couple of days and you’ve already conquered our soul and heart… You are more perfect than I ever imagined, let’s go home and welcome to the world my little one!“, Finished the happy mother ready to start her new life.

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