Chiquis Rivera accused of playback during Copa Oro [video]

Controversy surrounds Chiquis Rivera's Gold Cup performance, amidst claims of lip-syncing and criticism of her vocal prowess.

As the progeny of ‘La Diva de la Banda,’ this leading lady is no stranger to controversy within the Rivera dynasty. Her intimate connection with her fans through social media is a testament to her openness, as she keeps them in the loop about all aspects of her life, including her recent appearance at the Gold Cup.

Chiquis Rivera’s stunning transformation has left followers awestruck, but it hasn’t shielded her from criticism concerning her vocal abilities. Despite possessing a spectacular figure, many suggest that she should consider a career outside of music. The same critics argue that being Jenni Rivera’s daughter doesn’t automatically gift her musical talent.

Did Chiquis resort to lip-syncing at the Gold Cup?

Unquestionably, this flamboyant entertainer is a polarizing figure in the entertainment industry. She is known for her love of partying and her knack for finding herself in the center of controversy, whether it’s with her family or in her personal life. More often than not, her actions set social media ablaze.

The internet is teeming with chatter, especially when it comes to one of the most contentious families in show business. Following her Gold Cup performance, rumors began to circulate that Chiquis had lip-synced her performance. A recently resurfaced video could potentially corroborate these suspicions.

Footage emerges of Jenni Rivera’s daughter performing ‘Abeja Reina’ at Radio Awards Ceremony

Following her contentious performance at the Gold Cup, Chiquis Rivera faced accusations of lip-syncing. This controversy led to the reemergence of a video showing the singer performing her hit song ‘Abeja Reina’ at the Radio Awards, where she delivered a live performance sans any vocal enhancements.

Clad in a white litmus bodysuit featuring a daring slit running from her chest to her left leg, Chiquis flaunted her enviable figure. However, it was not her stunning looks that attracted the most attention from online spectators.

Internet users contend that Chiquis lacks vocal talent

The video shows Chiquis Rivera belting out ‘Abeja Reina’ live, without any backing tracks – a contrast to the allegations made following her Gold Cup performance. However, many internet users were quick to critique her vocal abilities in the comments section, suggesting that her fame is more attributable to her looks than her musical talent.

Comments ranged from “Very pretty for being so vulgar” to “She looks very beautiful, but oh God, she sings worse every day. Dedicate yourself to something else, mija, for whatever you want.” Others questioned how Chiquis had managed to win Grammys despite her perceived lack of singing ability, with one user commenting, “Ugly lyrics, ugly rhythm, ugly voice.”