Chiquis Rivera admits that she married Lorenzo Méndez for the party

Chiquis Rivera admits having married Lorenzo Méndez, even though prior to the ceremony she had already wanted to stop everything. She assures that that day she was very sad, but that she continued with everything for the party.

In a recent interview, Chiquis Rivera confirmed that something happened before her wedding that made her want to cancel everything, but she says she didn’t because the expense had already been made, people wanted her to get married and she also likes parties and knew that he was going to have fun.

Lupillo Rivera‘s niece gave this exclusive to People en Español magazine and stated the following about her wedding: “I have to stop this”, remember that it weighed. But she asserts that she did not do it because a lot of money had already been invested in her marriage. Wedding for which, you will remember, Rosie Rivera and her brother Lupillo were practically banned from El Gordo y la Flaca.

“I was sad, but I said: ‘I’m going to have fun, I love parties’”. Chiquis admits that as she walked down the aisle she already sensed that she was making a big mistake. “That was when I had my first anxiety attack. She had never felt that. I felt it entering the church, ”said the singer.