Chiquis Rivera and Emilio Sánchez have a romantic ‘date’ from the heights

Chiquis Rivera and Emilio Sánchez have a romantic ‘date’ from the heights

Chiquis Rivera.

Photo: Alexander Tamargo / Getty Images

Chiquis Rivera placeholder image and his sentimental partner Emilio Sanchez They cannot stop sharing their love for the networks, they recently surprised by sharing very funny images taking a ride on a Ferris wheel and strolling along the beach.

Since the singer began her romance, she has been seen very much in love, although at first they kept their relationship away from the spotlight, little by little they have been letting go and now they can not stop publishing the details and time they share together with all their fans.

In a couple of images that the photographer and manager of Becky G, uploaded to his Instagram stories you can see the interpreter of “My problem” and “Dance like thisthe latter where she collaborated with her boyfriend’s great friend, she is seen with a face of love in the photographs.

It has been from the top of a mechanical game by the sea with the afternoon witness that Rivera can be seen, wearing an expensive bag, sandals, top and short leggings, in the second image they are seen together with a huge smile At the sea’s shore.

Just a few weeks ago they had a romantic evening by candlelight and surrounded by hundreds of flowers, where they could enjoy a dinner, the relationship is serious because they are seen together more and more often, Sánchez has been together to his girlfriend during their recent tour of the United States, making the most of all the time they can spend as a couple.