Chiquis Rivera cancels concerts in northeast Mexico due to insecurity issues

Chiquis Rivera canceled the March dates of her 'Abeja Reina Tour Parte II' in Mexico and we tell you why.

A press release announced that 37-year-old singer Chiquis Rivera had canceled her concerts in Mexico.

According to the document dated March 14, the cancellation will affect two of her presentations in the northeast of the country:

  • Matamoros in Tamaulipas: March 24.
  • Monterrey in Nuevo Leon: March 25

As for the reasons behind Chiquis Rivera’s decision, there are official and unofficial versions; however, both include insecurity issues.

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Chiquis River a (Facebook/La Academia)

Chiquis Rivera was allegedly threatened not to perform her concerts

Through a statement shared on Instagram by the account ‘Chamonic3′, Chiquis Rivera announced the cancellation of her concerts in Mexico.

According to the document, the March dates part of her ‘Abeja Reina Tour Parte II’ will be postponed due to insecurity in the country’s northeast.

So far, no tentative dates have been announced; however, the singer assured her audience that the tickets already purchased would be valid.

For her part, Chiquis Rivera regrets the situation in the country but said her priority is the safety of her work team and her fans.

This supposed official version of the singer’s reasons for canceling her concerts has not yet been shared by the event agency or the singer herself.

Other unofficial versions indicate that Chiquis Rivera is in danger, as the account insinuated that the singer was threatened.

On the other hand, some users on the platform assured that Chiquis Rivera would not perform on these two occasions due to a lack of attendees to her concerts.

Did Chiquis Rivera cancel her concerts in Mexico?

Despite the rumors about the cancellation of two of the Abeja Reina Tour Parte II concerts, Chiquis Rivera has not made any statement on the matter.

Also, it is worth mentioning that the official statement has not been published yet, so we are waiting for clarification.

Chiquis Rivera, cantante.
Chiquis Rivera, singer (@chiquisquis)