Chiquis Rivera dances “La Chona” in latex leggings and causes a sensation “breaking” with a friend

Chiquis Rivera placeholder image causes a sensation at every event he attends, and now he shared the stage with Larry Hernandez and MS band. The singer showed off her curvy figure in a video, wearing latex leggings and dancing to the beat of the song. “La Chona”, from The Tijuana toucans, who were also present.

The party was in honor of the Medina sisters, and Chiquis He even started dancing with one of them, sharing the moment in his stories of Instagram and writing the message “breaking my friend here”.

For his part, Larry posted on his account on that social network a video of more than two hours with the details of the event, which was full of fun and good music. Him his wife Kenya Ontiveros and Chiquis They appear talking and taking their best steps on the track.

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