Chiquis Rivera faces strong criticism after his live presentation at the 2021 Radio Awards

Singer Chiquis Rivera placeholder image has caused a tremendous stir with his intervention in the expected 2021 Radio Awards, because her participation was one of the most anticipated of the great gala, since she has not only participated as a presenter but has also taken the stage to delight with one of her recent successes.

She has looked stunning since her parade on the red carpet, where she managed to capture all the spotlights with a tremendous neckline that reached her navel, leaving many with their mouths open in her triumphant step.

But the surprise has come when he has taken the stage to perform one of his most recent hits “My problem”With which he has placed himself among the taste of the public who has remained faithful to the daughter of Jenni Rivera.

In a video that has been published on Estrella Tv’s Instagram account, Chiquis is seen in the middle of his presentation, where he apparently has faced some difficulties with the audio, a situation that some users have taken advantage of to send him strong criticism and accusations.

I listened to her and grabbed my head, as Espinosa Paz says, I don’t sing but we tried“,” It’s not my voice, it’s the height of the cd. from Mexico ”,“ Your problem .. puuuf !!! It will be singing and reaching the aaaaa… I will go ”,“ As the air ends in moments ”, some users of the Instagram social network have expressed.

Prior to the event, Chiquis had commented to some media that the height of Mexico City, host of the Radio Awards, was affecting her a lot, but as a professional she has faced adversity and ended her important participation.

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