Chiquis Rivera leaves her breasts visible during the concert: she goes on stage with a onesie with many holes

Chiquis Rivera she is a renewed and strengthened woman. The young singer is not only making her way in the world of music without the help of her family name, but she is also already making leaps and bounds to improve her physical appearance. Over time, Chiquis has not stopped wanting to lose weight, but along the way she has embraced each of her curves more and better, accepting to be a model for many women who, like her, are not within the molds of the famous 90/60/ 90 of the models.

Above the stage and through his social networks is where he most manages to make the message cross borders and barriers. On top of the stage she appears wearing tight clothes, suits or dresses that many women with prominent curves would not dare to wear, but in Chiquis Rivera they find a motivation not to lose their sensuality.

As proof of this is the jumpsuit with which he went on stage for the promos of his new musical tour. There you can see how she went on stage without a bra, thus leaving her breasts in view of all her fans.

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